Angelo Poretti toured Europe and met the best brewmasters, learning the secrets of their craft, before returning to Italy and investing his savings. The idea was to introduce a new type of beer, Bohemian Pilsner, to Italy and in 1877 it was decided to start production in Induno Olona, near the Valganna caves, where there are very pure water springs, essential for a real beer. The Poretti brewery was born. The founder’s legacy was carried forward by his grandchildren, in 1901, but in 1939 the brewery began to struggle because of the war. It was rescued by the Bassetti family, which owned the Spluga di Chiavenna brewery. In 1969 Splügen Bock and the first dry beers appeared. In 1982 an agreement was signed with the Carlsberg group for marketing its brand in Italy, and in 2002 the Danish multinational bought the company, which became Carlsberg Italia Spa (Poretti, Tuborg, Splügen, Carlsberg). Poretti beers today included the original recipe Saison Chiara, and 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (seasonal specials) and 9 types of hops. The precious champagne beer has 10.

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