Amidst an array of brewing equipment and with the support of master brewer Ioan Bratuleanu, Elio Miceli and Massimo Salvatori founded Birradamare in 2004. The producer is constituted of three brands; in addition to ‘Birradamare’ there’s ‘nabiretta’ and ‘Birra Roma’. A number of beers are crafted (more than 20), ambers, golden ale and dark beers, not to mention their various special brews (primarily bottom-fermented classic recipes or experimental versions, for more curious palates). Careful selection of ingredients is a top priority, with most coming from local agricultural producers. In 2017 it was purchased by the multinational Molson Coors, opening up new markets and allowing the brewery to establish an international presence. 2018 saw the opening of the Na Biretta Social Club pub in the San Lorenzo neighborhood of Rome.

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