It all began in 1921, when Emilio Besana and his brother Vincenzo founded the company that 80 years later became the Besana group. In the 1930s the brothers expanded to the USA and to the East, allowing the company to grow on a global scale. A new plant was built in San Gennaro Vesuviano and is still Besana’s base. Throughout its history the company has invested in the most advanced technologies, extending its production range: first with almonds from Puglia and Sicily, then with Brazil nuts, dried and dehydrated fruit, seeds, and chocolate. In 1989, Besana UK Ltd opened to introduce the products processed to the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. In 2000 an important alliance was forged with Almaverde Bio, of which Besana was co-founder and exclusive licensee of dried fruits and seeds. Then the partnership with the Mediterranean Fruit Company and Made in Blu Trading (fruit and vegetables). Besana has various establishments around Italy and abroad, and has formed partnerships with other brands over time.

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