Few dairy producers have been able to maintain the passion and perseverance shown by Occelli. Founded in 1976 by Beppino Occelli, they got their start in Langhe, gradually spreading out to Cuneese, the pastures of Castelmagno and Valgrana and finally reaching Valcasotto (a Medieval hamlet that has since been completely renovated). Their product line features works of art like their fresh cream butter, considered one of the best 13 butters in the world by Wine Spectator. But there’s a whole lot more, from fresh and aged cheeses to semi-aged and blue cheeses, some of which have even been trademarked. In the dark of their old caverns, time is at work, along with air and water, making sure their cheeses are aged perfectly. Experts in the art turn the cheeses periodically, checking them, working them until the day they are ready to be served and enjoyed. Just to name a few: robiola, truffle crutin, testùn, Valcasotto, Raschera, Castelmagno, Bra.

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