The origins of Bauli are the stuff of legends. In 1927 Verona pâtisseur Ruggero Bauli, decided to go to Argentina in search of fortune. He sailed on the Principessa Mafalda, which was shipwrecked and Bauli was saved by miracle. He began his new life in Argentina, where he opened a successful bakery, but just a few years later his homesickness drew him back to his native Verona. In 1937 his bakery was making 5,000 pastries a day, and in 1950s he started producing pandoro, a traditional Verona naturally leavened cake. From working alone he ended up hiring about 20 workers. With the boom, the company expanded, expanding nationwide and becoming more dynamic and modern. In addition to cakes, Bauli began baking a line of snacks and leavened products for various times of day. The group’s portfolio of brands vaunts greats of Italian confectionery tradition like Doria, Bistefani, Fbf (a leader in Italian snack product), Motta, and Casalini.

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