If national and international beer drinkers have gotten to know a ‘different’ kind of Italian beer, it’s thanks to the explosive Teo Musso, the brain behind Baladin (and its founder). His beers are gracing tables in notable restaurants, getting major distribution and, more recently, evening gaining traction abroad. There are more than 30 varieties, from the classics (Nora, Isaac, Super, Wayan, and beers aged for 10 years), to special varieties (like the ‘Mielika’ with Erica Heather honey and the Open Baladin) and draft beers. There are also drinks, ciders and spirits. There’s even a kit for home brewing. Don’t forget about their selection of delicious snacks, from fruit preserves to accompany cheese, to panettone, cheese, chocolates and even essential oils (all made with beer)! Baladin have opened pubs all over Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna etc.) and abroad (New York and Marocco). Visits are available on request.

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