Asdomar is part of the Generale Conserve group which works in the packaged fish market. The company is the second largest producer of tuna in oil and this accounts for 60% of its products. The products are sold under the brands Asdomar, the largest, then Janus and Smeralda, as well as private brand names for leading retail companies. In February 2008 the whole production business transferred to Italy, in the newly opened, avant-garde plant at Olbia where the meticulous production process takes place for yellow fin and skipjack tuna from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. The company does not use endangered tuna species and has always been aware of environmental sustainability. All Asdomar products are preserved in oil or brine: premium (tuna and tuna belly), medium (tuna with beans or in pâté), and the mackerel and salmon range. In 2013 Generale Conserve expanded its activities with the purchase of Manzotin and the De Rica brand.

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