Arrigoni bring together cheese-making and farming, making sure they have a hand in every stage of production. Milk is brought in daily, from more than 20 select stables, including their own, and worked into the final product largely by hand. Taleggio PDO is their flagship cheese, followed by Gorgonzola, Salva Cremasco, strachitunt, Arrì Arrì (gorgonzola and mascarpone), Maggengo (conserved in hay), Fior di capra (goat’s milk) and Rugiada. Arrigoni offer a fresh cheese line for lighter, summer meals. This includes Quartirolo Lombardo PDO fresco and Stracchino (an organic variety is also available) as well as Primosale and Capriccio. These delicious, high-quality cheeses can be enjoyed by themselves, as a side dish, with salads, to add flavor to a favorite recipe or for more intricate meals. Thanks to innovative production techniques, flavor endures over time and so cheeses can be kept and enjoyed for longer than expected.

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