Antico Molino Caputo

Since 1924, the name Caputo has been synonymous with flour, both in Naples and beyond. Over several generations the producer has represented, and still represents, in the best possible way, the culture and tradition of ‘the white art’. It all starts with having the right wheat, both Italian and foreign-grown varieties, making sure they all meet the highest standards of quality. Environmental impact is reduced by guaranteeing the minimum possible waste throughout all phases of processing, which is also carried out slowly so as to protect the nutritional integrity of the flour. Neither conservatives, nor enzymes nor chemicals are used in the so-called ‘Caputo method’ (a well-kept secret), which also ensures that the flavor is natural and authentic. There are several varieties, including 00 pastry flour, ‘strong flour’, whole wheat, multi-grain, organic and gluten-free flours. Indeed, there is a flour for every need, from making bread to pizza to pasta or pastries.

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