Andrea Da Ponte

The art of distillation is at home here. In 1896 Matteo Da Ponte published a manual of distillation, illustrating for the first time his patented alembic stills and the first concentration columns for alcohol steam, made to refine and soften an authentic spirit but with a rough and ready flavour. This is the Da Ponte method, invented by a worthy heir of the head of the dynasty, Andrea Da Ponte, predecessor of Liberale Fabris, the founder’s grandson, who created a monovarietal grappa in the 1960s from prosecco marc, and gave rise to the Vecchia Grappa di Prosecco aged in barriques. With the aim of improving this spirit and raising its quality, in 1979 he transferred the distillery to the Corbanese di Tarzo basin. The story and tradition is carried forward by his son who shows vision and skill, also revealed in the production of many different ranges of liqueurs and some excellent spumante wines alongside the leading product, prosecco grappa 120° (limited edition with only 1,000 numbered champagne bottles).

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