In 1956 Andalini & Aleotti was founded, a small shop for producing fresh, artisanal pasta situated in the Cento town center, in Ferrara. The young artisans were Arrigo and Egledina, whose new commercial activity brought their lives together and would set in motion more than 60 years of solid family experience in the field. In 1962 they moved to a small production facility, shifting from fresh pasta to dried pasta and enlarging their selection. In 1981 Arrigo and Egledina’s son Massimo took over and pushed the business into new territory. In 1992 a new plant was opened, one equipped with the latest technology, while 2001 saw the purchase of La Sovrana, a producer situated in Puglia. Now that Simona, the third generation of Andalini family, is on board, the brand and packaging have been redesigned. Today they produce egg pasta and wheat pasta in various forms and production lines: Antica Tradition, 4 Minuti, Le Specialità, Le Biologiche and La Sovrana.

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