Coppini Arte Olearia


Coppini Arte Olearia is a national and international leader in the production and distribution of extra-virgin oil, both conventional and organic, for chefs, food industries and shops. Founded in 1946 by Amèrico Coppini and his wife, Anita, and today on its third generation of family, this San Secondo producer organizes its logistics and sales network from Parma. In the areas of cultivation (Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily) harvest is carried out in collaboration with the ‘Italian Olive-Growers Association’, more than 30,000 growers who follow the Coppini Arte Olearia production protocols. The Parma-based producer’s projects include: a line of ‘T.O.P.’ extra-virgin oils (Traceability, Origin and Pro-duct) for restaurants; a research and innovation project in Castelvetrano (TP) called Frantoio Pilota del Belice; Opificio Verde, a new facility next to Fiere di Parma, where oil is produced while safe-guarding environmental and social sustainability; dressings using contemporary pressing techni-ques; organic olive oil.

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