Seasonal cocktail: Acqua Vitale by Gegam Kazarian

Jun 3 2020, 14:42 | by Paola Mencarelli
A simple cocktail in terms of taste and one that's easily replicable, yet highly evocative: here's a recipe by Gegam Kazarian.

Gegam Kazarian

Born in Armenia, in the city of Yerevan, in 1980, Gegam Kazarian studied biochemistry, architecture and interior design. But his real higher education was to travel the world. He focused on hospitality, cooking, pastry art and mixology, concentrating all his knowledge in the latter, blending in his love for art, Asian philosophy, Ayurvedic nutrition and Japanese culture. In Alicante, Spain, where he now lives, he founded Kazari's Project: an experimental laboratory Kazari's Lab GeKijo, a cocktail bar restaurant Meraki 13, an audiovisual production studio Kazari's Audio Visual Art and finally GeKinez-do, a training project for health and the well-being for bartenders through martial arts. Present in the most important international events in the sector, he collaborates with the SDGC group of Joël Robuchon. Gary Regan called him "the bartender of the Renaissance".

Acqua Vitale by Gegam Kazarian

This is a simple cocktail in terms of taste and one that's easily replicable, yet highly evocative. A hymn to Italy, to which Gegam is particularly attached, with a journey through history, colours and flavours of the places he visited. By idealising the image of the Roman aqueduct as a territorial connection, water becomes a vital element, the very soul in the production of spirits and in the creation of cocktails. The alcoholic support of grappa is sweetened by sambuca, to which are added the freshness of cedar water, fresh basil and vegetal notes, with a sour touch thanks to the water obtained by clarifying tomato juice, green apple, cherries, ginger and apple cider vinegar. A colourful, fresh and thirst-quenching drink, perfect for the start of the summer season. Kenats! (Salute! In Armenian).

Acqua Vitale recipe


4,5 cl Grappa Ceschia Nemas Bianca
2,5 cl Molinari Sambuca Extra
1 cl Nardini acqua di cedro
5 Ligurian basil leaves
2,5 cl juice of Sorrento IGP lemons
4,5 cl vegetal water (150 g fresh Pachino tomato, 200 g Trentino green apple, 100 g Marostica cherries, 20 g ginger, 1,5 cl apple cider vinegar)

Glass: Coppa Coupette

Technique: Clarification, Shake & Double Strain

by Paola Mencarelli

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