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Italian version
Preserves, jams



Maria Zuegg founded her company over a century ago, making fruit juices and jams. In 1890 she began selling apples, which she exported as far as Saint Petersburg. In 1923 came the first jam production, which was very successful on northern Italy markets. In 1954 the Lana d'Adige facility began producing fruit-based drinks: apricot, peach and pear juices. In the 1960s a new plant was inaugurated in Verona, processing semi-finished fruit-based products, yogurt items, tarts and ice cream for food industries. A facility opened at Luogosano (near Avellino) on 1985, and in subsequent years factories opened in Germany, France, Austria, and Russia. Short production chain and zero waste have become fundamental aspects in Zuegg's production philosophy. Latest additions to the range are fruit velvets and organic Cremose, a smooth product made only with organic fruit.

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