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Condiments: salt, spices, herbs

Zafferano 3 Cuochi - Bonetti


The venerable 3 Cuochi brand is a leader in the Italian saffron market. The story begins in 1935, when Gianni Mangini founded a production company, now run by the third generation, and created the brand that immediately met with success. Tradition and avant-garde technology combine in the sachets of 3 Cuochi pure saffron powder obtained from the best batches of spice from various countries, which undergoes careful quality control throughout processing, and is packaged with materials that preserve its qualities at length. Delicate, bright red 3 Cuochi saffron has none of the white specks that indicate lower quality of the original ingredients. The saffron is dry and slips easily from the sachet, making it easy to use in dishes because it dissolves and doses more easily than saffron threads, giving uniform flavour and colour.

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