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Stainer's founders were inspired by the Austrian dessert tradition. Indeed, here tradition and innovation come together to create unique products that maintain the original characteristics, peculiarities and nuances of the ingredients used, all of which are carefully selected. Thanks to constant research and experimentation, Stainer's line of products is truly impressive, starting with dozens of varieties of chocolate bars, which are also available in sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and organic varieties, as well as with goat's milk, soy milk, milk from the Alps, and coconut milk (just to give you an idea). And that's not to mention their spiced chocolates, their gourmet line and a host of chocolate candies and pralines available in different flavors (and with optional gift wrap packaging). Don't forget about their supplements, coffee beans, chocolate covered cocoa beans and ginger, hazelnut gianduia cream spread, as well as mixes for pudding, mousse, sorbet, frappés, ice cream, baked goods and hot chocolate.

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