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Sant'Anna was founded in 1996 by the Bertoni family, who've since seen to it that the brand is a leader in the field. Indeed, the company can now boast having the largest bottling plant in the world, a true jewel of technology and design. Sant'Anna water is exceptionally light, having an extremely low quantity of dissolved solids and sodium content. This makes it a healthy choice at any age. There are sizes available for every need and occasion, from a quarter liter to two liters, and they make sparkling water as well. The company prides itself on having been the first in the world to create a completely biodegradable bottle (except for the cap). Other products include their Santhé, refreshing iced teas available in a variety of flavors (lemon, peach, green tea and decaffeinated) and sizes (including pocket size). Then there's SanFruit, fruit drinks available in peach, pear and apricot (100% gluten-free). Their most recent addition is their Karma line, fruit and vegetable drinks that are gluten-free and free of conservatives.

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