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Roberto got its start in 1962 as a modest, local baker specializing in breadsticks. In more than half a century it has grown into a multifaceted producer specializing in a range of foods and with a number of certifications to its name. Their breadsticks are still a featured item, especially the classic 'torinesi' but over time they've added other varieties, including fat free, whole wheat, sesame 'crocchini', rosemary, mignon (mini breadsticks available in a variety of flavors) or simply salted. They also have delicious, crunchy 'bruschettine' (tomato and basil, garlic and basil, rosemary and herbs) or crostini croutons for soups, minestras and salads. Then there's their sliced breads (white, multi-grain, whole wheat), panfiocco bread and sandwich bread, bread for bruschetta, hamburgers and hot dogs. Don't forget about their flat bread and tortillas or their 'Linea Essenza', which is aimed at the health-conscious or those who have food intolerances.

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