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The history of Refresco goes way back to 1888 when Domenico and Regina Verga started producing a pleasingly fizzy and refreshing drink, the Spumador. The beverage, with its characteristic cap, was followed some years later by the Spuma, a mix of 10 medicinal herbs made according a secret family recipe. In 1996 Refresco purchased the mineral spring Fonte Sant'Antonio, thus expanding their product line to include water. Today the company, whose central office isn't far from their roots, distribute a number of mineral waters: Primula, San Francesco, Mood, San Carlo, Valverde and, obviously, Sant'Antonio. Their carbonated beverage line, Spumador, includes tonic water, ginger ale, chinotto, citrus cedrata, canned beverages, aperitifs (the clear Dorino and the red Aperì), energy drinks, aranciata orange soda, colas, fruit juices in various (and some cases unusual) flavors, various teas, and vitamin drinks for athletes.

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