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Pastificio Gaetarelli


This family-run producer has been making high-quality pastas since 1964. The key to their success lies in the choice of select ingredients (preferably local), and a combination of artisanal methods and cutting-edge technology (used with the utmost respect for health and safety standards). Their facilities are even equipped with a kitchen designed to organize proper tasting tests. All their efforts have resulted in delicious products free of additives, colors and conservatives. There are three product lines: fresh, egg noodles (tagliatelle, pappardelle, taglioni, lasagna, bigoli, garganelli and so on), stuffed pastas (ricotta and spinach tortelloni, meat quadrucci, tortellini etc.) and their ‘specialties' (tortelli with Bagòs cheese, medaglioni with radicchio and Asiago PDO, tortelli with venison salmì and more). Their '25 grammi' line is designed to cut back on waste by offering smaller portions ... a nice idea indeed (frozen varieties are also available).

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