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Pasta Granoro


Synonymous with fine pasta, this company also produces a range of ready sauces, condiments, rice, boiled legumes and extra virgin olive oil. Their story began in Corato, Puglia, where a generation of industrial pasta makers had worked since 1930. Attilio Mastromauro opened a pasta factory in 1967 with the Granoro brand name. His wife Chiara worked with him. He modified the production machines to his own technical specifications, personally supervised the production process, and monitored quality while keeping the plants in Corato. Today the company is run by his daughters Marina and Daniela, who have consolidated their brand on the Italian market and abroad. A varied range of pastas (with a bio and a bronze-drawn line), in which the grano arso stands out (the grain remains on the ground after harvesting, and is then gathered and stone-ground). The latest addition is biscuits, fat- and preservative-free, made with excellent, non-GMO ingredients.

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