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Founded by Domenico Paone in 1878, Paone is one of Italy's oldest pasta producers. At the beginning they just focused on bread and pasta, then in 1897 a new facility in Mola was opened (now Piazza Risorgimento) in an area crossed by a number of streams. It was a larger structure, equipped with modern equipment (for the times) and connected to a double tracked jetty. Pasta was spread and dried in the open air, as was done in Gragnano. After 140 years, despite the fact that the factory was bombed out in 1943, Paone continues to produce macaroni, adjusting to Italian tastes and food preferences. In addition to traditional durum wheat semolina pasta, they offer organic whole-grain pasta and Sapori di Cicerone, their top-of-the-line range composed of eight pasta types: calamarata, pacchero, rigatone, fusillone, pennone, quadratone, bavetta and chitarra. They also offer a series of auxiliary products (Paone Selection): tomato sauces, extra-virgin olive oil, rice, gnocchi, legumes and flour.

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