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Molino Vigevano 1936


Easy to reach from the A7 Pavia Nord-Bereguardo highway, this historic flour producer, bought by Gruppo Lo Conte in 2013, has more than 80 years of experience in the sector. They produce two lines of flours: those for ordinary, domestic cooking and those for commercial activities like pastry shops, bread makers, pizza makers, restaurants etc. In fact, it's for exactly these types of kitchens that they realized products like their Oro di Macina flour, stone-ground and produced using cold extraction, both of which protect the original grain and make it easier to work with. Home cooks can choose from semi-whole wheat flour, risciola, moreschina, manitoba strong flour, flours for sweets, flours for pizza and focaccia, for soft desserts, tarts and cookies, for frying and batters. There's also a line of yeasts (natural yeast starters and organic), made using ancient, stone-ground Risciola flour (100% Italian) and vital wheat germ.

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