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In 1920 Emilio Mauri had an idea, use the best equipment available to make traditional Lombardy cheese. Today, Mauri is headquartered in Valsassina, in a lush green area at the foot of Mount Grigna. Their facilities includes a cavern for aging cheeses and a plant in Treviglio, in Bergamot. Their product line is robust and delicious, starting with their aged cheeses. Their Remauri blue cheese is aged for a minimum of 90 days. Then there's their taleggio (both classic and aged) and their gorgonzola, which is available in sweet or sharp 'piccante', as well as with mascarpone or with walnuts. Their fresh cheeses are particularly enticing: goat cheese (also available with herbs, lactose-free or in a crescenza variety), quartirolo, mozzarella (from cow or buffalo milk), mascarpone and ricotta. Their decision to offer their specialty cheeses in unique gift packaging has been much appreciated. Guided visits can be organized (on request), along with delightful tastings on site, all in a beautiful, renovated lodge immersed in the natural surrounding landscape.

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