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Since 1796, the name Majani has meant quality chocolate, and not just for the region of Emilia Romagna. Ever since its inception, their guiding principles have been the same: the use of only top-quality cocoa and careful production combined with a healthy dose of creativity. The result is a product that is both unique and impossible to imitate. Their core product, and probably their most famous, is the Fiat, a four-layered, creamy chocolate candy that goes back to 1911 when it was commissioned by the famous, national car manufacturer. Today it is available in various delicious flavors. The 'sfoglia nera', thin sheets of chocolate that are available in both classic and dark chocolate varieties, are another delectable treat. Try them with cognac, rum, sweet wines, Balsamic vinegar or a nice espresso. Don't forget about their sugar-free line, chocolate covered citrus peels, various types of chocolates, chocolate bars, cream spreads, liquors, hot chocolate mixes, chocolate Easter eggs, nougat and, for the summer, soft fruit jelly drops. In addition to their factory outlet they have a shop in downtown Bologna.

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