IDB Industria Dolciaria Borsari Group – Muzzi


Based in Umbria, the Muzzi family’s historic Antica Pasticceria Muzzi has a history that goes back over 200 years, one wrought of passion and professionalism, virtues that have allowed the business to establish a reputation for quality far beyond national borders. Muzzi are famous, above all, for their vast assortment of classic, Italian holiday sweets, both traditional and non-traditional versions (including the “alcoholic” ones), all made to perfection and embellished with packaging that stands out for its flair and elegance. The rest of the repertoire is also wide ranging and delectable, with the common denominator being the careful selection of ingredients and skilled, expert craftsmanship: biscuits, marron glacé, meringues, chocolates, chocolate bars, pralines, nougats, Easter eggs, spreads, dragées, gelées, etc. 


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