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Guido Giuso


Giuso's history goes back to 1919, with a small workshop specialized in the production of jams and candied fruit, and a group of private orchards in Monferrato. Today it's a joint-stock company and leader in the industry, producing compote and semi-processed fruit for pastries and gelato. Their portfolio comprises more than 600 clients in 35 countries throughout the world. Many master pastry chefs use their candied fruit for panettone and colomba, but Giuso offers a number of products: bases, stabilizers, creams, fruit concentrates, toppings and a line specialized in cold desserts. Don't miss their ‘D'Amore e D'accordo' fruit preserves: fruit harvested only when perfectly ripe is then cooked at low temperatures, sweetened with cane sugar, and proposed in 9 different flavors (with some unusual combinations). In 2018 Giuso was bought by Optima, a world leader in the produc-tion of gelato ingredients, with their MEC3 brand, and in pastry decorations, with Modecor.

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