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Francia is a family-run company, founded about half a century ago. Despite having developed an industrial strength, (they've gone from producing 5,000 kilos of mozzarella a day to 50,000) they still maintain their original philosophy and artisanal approach. They have two facilities in Italy, one in Sonnino (LT) and another in Pontinia (LT), but the latter focuses on products made from buffalo milk. They also have a plant in Germany. Their product line is impressive, starting with their selection of cow milk mozzarella, which is available in various shapes and sizes (bite-size bocconcini, ‘confetti', ovoli (little ovals), twists, filone strips, 'julienne-style'), and then there's their buffalo mozzarella PDO (also available in a variety of sizes and shapes), their organic line (including ricotta), their fresh cheeses (scamorza, provoloncino, ciambella, cacio, classic or smoked), ricotta (from cow, sheep or goat's milk), yogurt, mozzarella for pizza, the ‘zarina' (their high-end fiordilatte cheese) and, finally, ready-made pizzas, topped with either buffalo or cow mozzarella).

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