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Cooperative dairy producer Fattorie Cremona, also known as PLAC (Produttori Latte Associati Cremona), was founded in 1933, in the heart of the Padana plans, by 19 farmers. Today it comprises 90 members, and is a benchmark when it comes to provolone cheese, bolstered by a strong market presence in shops and supermarkets. Over the years their production facilities have been upgraded and their volumes enlarged, gradually expanding throughout Italy and abroad. They produce a range of cheeses, guaranteeing 100% traceability. Their PDO Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano comes whole, portioned or grated, and it's available in an organic version as well. Their sweet or sharp PDO Provolone is available in large portions (pancettoni and mandaroni, optionally cut into pieces) and small (little 'salamini', fiaschette and provolette). Their top-of-the-range 'Red Seal' line comprises cheeses aged for more than 10 months. Fattorie Cremona also produce butter and mascarpone.

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