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Drawing on certified supply chains, Cillo has been bringing the best Italian and international meats to dinner tables and top restaurants, pubs, pizzerias and steakhouses since 1985, all under the Le Scelte da Sabatino brand. Excellent meats (including pork from ancient native breeds, like the Caserta and Apulo Calabrese / Nero Lucano pigs) are transformed into delicious frankfurters, hamburgers and excellent traditional charcuterie, all prepared with passion and using time-honored methods. The meats are cut and prepared by hand, while aging takes place in air-conditioned cells and natural spaces. The success of this Benevento cured meat producer began with Sabatino Cillo, a "master butcher" of the Swiss school. They also deserve credit for safeguarding the importance of local meats, such as the Vitellone Bianco (a regional steer) and the Laticauda lamb. A wide range of products are also available to taste at the Cillo Grill & Barbecue House, situated in Airola, in Naples (at Eccellenze Campane) and at the Cillo Experience Braceria in Somma Vesuviana.

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