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For the record, Bioland (run by Maria Teresa Leone and Michele Loiudice) is composed of two organic farms. The first is situated right in the hills of Gravina in Puglia and comprises 20 hectares of land. The second is a larger 80 hectares of land and is in San Mauro Forte (MT), in the districts of Piano Miele and Don Filippo. Since 1993, Bioland has been a leader in the area of organic agriculture, at the top of its class in terms of guaranteeing food safety and product traceability. Only ancient varieties of grain are cultivated here. The durum wheats grown include Senatore Cappellii, Khorasan, Dioccum and Monococcum Spelt. The soft wheat varieties comprise Gentil Rosso, Spelt, Triminia, Bianchetta, Risciola and Autonomia. Since 2006 Bioland has had its own certified organic stone grinding mill for transforming grain into flour. Grains are also used to make various types of pasta (including whole wheat), bran, wheat meal and flaxseed. They also grow legumes, including lentils, black chickpeas and cicerchie, a variety of Italian pea. Their shop can be found at 39 Via A. de Gasperi.

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