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Bevande Futuriste


Bevande Futuriste sets itself apart for, among other things, its sensitivity to the health concerns of today's consumers. The firm manages three brands: DiFrutta (, Cortese ( and ama_tè ( The first offers high-quality organic juices, all made with top ingredients and labeled so as highlight nutritional value. Orange and Apple, Wild Blueberry and Tomato are all featured products, along with an Orange, Carrot and Lemon blend. Each juice is as delicious as the next. Cortese is their line of refreshing soft drinks, from chinotto to citron to ginger ale, all made with ingredients of the highest quality. Finally, ama_tè is made up of various flavors of organic green tea. Their infusions include peach and elderflower, mint and lemongrass, lemon and ginger, licorice and fennel, and pomegranate. All varieties offer health benefits, are low-calorie and gluten-free.

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