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Considering its current scale, it's difficult to imagine that this family-run business got its start in the early sixties as a simple, local bakery. Despite their success, Balocco have managed to stay true to their original philosophy: passion, professionalism and, above all, a strong commitment to the quality of all their products. Their sweets and seasonal cakes (colombe and panettoni, both traditional and reworked) are famous worldwide thanks to the use of only select ingredients and natural yeast starters. And when it comes to production, they're unafraid to take advantage of the best of what modern technology has to offer. All of this has contributed to their reputation for quality and excellence. There are plenty of other treats to enjoy, from chocolate eggs to a host of appetizing biscotti, ideal for breakfast, tea or a snack for the kids. They also produce wafers and frollini, as well as a line for the health-conscious (sugar-free, with multi-grains and fruit...).

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