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Balconi Dolciaria


We have Francesco Balconi to thank for having transformed a simple, traditional bakery into a business that today is recognized both nationally and abroad. And over 60 years, their mission hasn't changed: offer baked snacks using only select, Italian ingredients without the addition of OMG, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors or conservatives. And what's more, do it in a way that keeps prices down by reducing production costs, cutting down on waste and improving efficiency by operating non-stop. In addition to the spongy baked snacks that made them famous (trancetti, mini-tiramisù, mini-rolls, snacks with milk or chocolate ...), Balconi make various types of wafers, rolls, cakes (the 'Viennese', classic and chocolate tiramisù) and, last but not least, breakfast cookies (classic, whole wheat and multi-grain frullini), which are also available in a family-size packaging.

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