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Aniello Longobardi


Aniello Longobardi was founded in 1927 as an exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables. Upon Aniello's death, in 1963, it began processing its produce, thanks to his sons Enrico, Gaetano and Carlo. They're headquartered in Scafati (Salerno) in the district of Nocerino Sarnese, an area famous for its tomatoes. Today this historic producer is managed by the third generation of Longobardi family, and is a leader in the field, with a complete assortment of tomato products, from skinned tomatoes to purees, diced tomatoes (available in various flavors), fillets, concentrates, canned cherry tomatoes and ready-made sauces. Scafati also offer two pestos (red and Genovese) and a line of legumes (borlotti beans, white butterbeans ‘di Spagna', red beans, cannellini, chickpeas and lentils). Across every stage of production, foods are processed using the latest technology and food equipment.

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