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Almaverde Bio is the Almaverde Bio Italia brand. The consortium brings together several Italian agrifood enterprises and was set up in 2000. It was the first sector brand in Italy and vaunts a unique product range. Respect for the environment, production techniques and quality standards are the fundamental points that unite consortium companies. Starting from Canova, licensee for the fresh and ready-to-consume fruit and vegetables to Fileni, producing organic poultry and eggs since 1978, and Novissime contributing eggs and egg products. Moreover, there are Circeo Pesca's fresh and frozen seafood products; fruit pulp and baby food, deli and vegetable milks, but also Frutta Gel fruit pulp, purées, juices and nectars. In spring 2015 Canova initiated a program to expand the range of products, which includes more than 50 new items across the all lines. The first new product is the Confetto baby tomato grown by Sicilian organic farms.

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