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Acqua Filette


Acqua Filette (Est. 1894) bottles water from the spring from which it has taken its name. At 900 meters above sea level in the lush, green heart of Ciociaria, they bottle more than 50 million litres a day, taking pains to guarantee the highest standards of health and safety. With a quantity of total dissolved solids at less than 500 mg per litre, the water is certified low mineral content and so particularly healthy, inasmuch as it promotes diuresis and can be consumed in large quantities. Moreover, it is completely free of nitrates. Three varieties are available: 'naturally natural' (still water), slightly sparkling and sparkling. Acqua Filette was chosen by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation to receive support in its research activities and, in particular, the campaign 'Pink is Good'. Since 2013 this initiative has focused on fighting breast cancer through promoting awareness and scientific research.

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