Unexpected Tuscany. Orpicchio and ansonica, two meat-friendly whites!

We never stop learning from the wines of Tuscany. In this episode of Vini Rari - Rare Wines, we talk about two rare grape varieties such as orpicchio and ansonica, which produce whites with structure and Mediterranean character

Dettori 2017

VINEYARD | If the Cru is Badde Nigolosu, Dettori is a Clos, a single vineyard enclosed by dry stone walls. The wine that bears the name of the producer comes from a few rows cultivated with alberello training system. It...

Villa Bibbiani. 1,300 years in the name of biodiversity

1,300 years of history in the name of biodiversity. Villa Bibbiani is much more than a winery, much more than an estate. We have to go back to the Middle Ages to trace its origins: the earliest records date back...

Oli d’Italia 2019 Guide by Gambero Rosso: the first bilingual issue

At it’s ninth edition, presented in Verona, as per usual: Oli d’Italia 2019 del Gambero Rosso guide (in collaboration with Unaprol), this year for the first time released in two languages, Italian and English.   Oli d’Italia 2019, two language...

Dining in Florence. Guide to the city’s restaurants according to the top chefs

Francesco Sanapo - Ditta Artigianale The mastermind behind Ditta Artigianale, a coffee lover’s favorite, chooses Ora d'Aria. “For a sublime dinner I head to Marco Stabile’s place. His dishes are always top-notch, behind them is lots of work, research and...

Top 12 places for pizza in Naples and surroundings

Without ever losing momentum, pizza is still enjoying its original enthusiastic success. Delicious and democratic, pizza has carved its own space along-side haute cuisine, with Campania and Naples – the region’s capital – holding the gold.
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