William Pregentelli

How the Universe of craft beer is evolving between microbreweries and industry

Italian craft beer is less than 30 years old, a new wave that follows the Italian approach to beer started in the country's industrial plants in the mid-1800s. Here's how the beer sector is developing in Italy.

Aug. 01 2019

Villa Sandi, the art of Prosecco conquers Japan

Fresh, versatile, lively bubbly: Prosecco is one of the most appreciated Italian wines all around the world. Here is the successful story of Villa Sandi, a top quality winery in the Prosecco area and the whole Veneto.

Dec. 13 2018

The winery Cortaccia. To each variety, its terroir

Cantina Cortaccia president says: “We combine good management and the passion of small vignerons”. All the advantages of good cooperatives in the wine secotor.

Jun. 10 2016
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