Stefano Polacchi

Roman rosetta filled with fish. A historic restaurant in Rome opens a street food spot next to the Pantheon

Massimo Riccioli, owner of La Rosetta, has made his move: next to the Pantheon, he opens his Street Fish, featuring gourmet street food and traditional rosettas made in Trastevere

Wine list at bargain prices and Abruzzese cuisine: the hidden restaurant in the Northern Suburbs of Rome

A restaurant run by a former musician and sommelier boasts a monumental wine list at very affordable prices. In the kitchen, his wife creates innovative dishes with an Abruzzese-Mediterranean influence

The chef trained by Heinz Beck who makes an unforgettable panzanella (and doesn't make you miss the original)

We followed Heros De Agostinis in his movements, but since he returned to Rome, he hadn’t been making us feel great emotions anymore. Now the tune is changing: we were blown away by Heros De Agostinis' creative panzanella at Ineo...

We've tasted the first mountain Pecorino Metodo Classico: a return to the Roots for the Transhumance Grape

We've tasted the first mountain Pecorino Metodo Classico: the elevation of a rustic and highly characteristic grape. This project, not yet on the market, is brought to you by the Ciù Ciù winery in Offida

"Here’s how we converted to natural wine": the journey of the Cosmi Brothers of Casale Certosa on the outskirts of Rome

Native yeasts, minimal intervention with external ingredients, extreme observation and care: all to create a wine that truly represents them. This is the journey of the Cosmi brothers of Casale Certosa in Santa Palomba, which began with a mistake. And...

The successful Osteria hidden inside a cellar in Offida: traditional rural Marche dishes

There is an osteria hidden inside a showroom in Offida that fills up at lunchtime: it’s the one in the Ciù Ciù winery. Here, a few dishes that change frequently and focus solely on rural Marche cuisine, which is hard...

The trattoria in Centocelle, Rome, where only products from small farmers in Lazio are served

Let's talk about Proloco Centocelle, the only Roman establishment (along with its twin in Trastevere) that for lunch and dinner offers exclusively Lazio ingredients

We discovered the first pasta made from olive leaf flour, it's fantastic and it comes from Ascoli

Vinitaly isn't usually the place for discoveries, but we found one: a fresh Ascolan pasta made of... olive

A bartender opens the smallest cocktail bar in Rome with only six seats

The smallest cocktail bar in the capital opens in Testaccio. Six seats and a philosophy: "popular luxury" according to Christian Donnie Comparone

Where to eat in Sabina: the 9 best restaurants

Weekend destination from Rome, here are 9 places to stop between Magliano and Casperia in Sabina via Cantalupo: tables, cured meats, and desserts not to be missed
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