Mara Nocilla

A world-unique extra virgin olive oil from the Costa dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo

The renowned master oilmaker Giuseppe Ursini has enhanced this ancient and extremely rare Abruzzese cultivar

Almonds, saffron and tradition: Corrado Assenza's newest nougat

Corrado Assenza's novelties for Christmas 2023 speak of Sicily, the source and inspiration of all his creations. Nougat of refined deliciousness that express the flair and experience of the famous master confectioner from Noto

The restaurant hidden amid the mists of the Lower Parma area that produces astounding cured meats (worth the trip)

It's called Colombo and it's located in a hamlet of Polesine Zibello, in the flattest of plains, just a stone's throw away from the River Po. It's an area renowned for excellent cured meats and, during this season, prized white...

A 100-year-old company in Venice makes nougat with saffron from the Euganean Hills

There are two “limited edition” nougat torrone by Scaldaferro for Christmas 2023: one with saffron, almonds and orange honey, and the other with candied lemon peel with pecans bound by lemon honey

The top 16 tonic water brands for your perfect gin and tonic

Clear, fresh and bitter: tonic water. Here is a ranking of the top 16 best tonic water brands: the queen of soft drinks and mixology. We tasted and tested Indian and Botanical types, to be enjoyed and/or mixed with alcohol...

The 3 best ginger beers

Ginger beer can be mixed with all kinds of spirits: here are some tasting tips and our list of the top three brands in the world.

Ginger beer: drink of the moment

Enjoyed cold straight from the fridge or on the rocks, with the cool comfort of cascading ice cubes, ginger beer is the trendiest among non-alcoholic beverages. Here are a dew details about the drink.
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