Gambero Rosso


The al dente bite of the pasta alone betrays the kitchen skills of this place. Fortes include Roman pasta classics such as bucatini alla amatriciana. Ingredients shine in classic examples like pasta di Gragnano IGP, well cooked canned tomatoes hailing...

Vino della Pace

The name of this trattoria in the neighborhood that never sleeps in Tokyo - Roppongi - takes us to Friuli, and straight to a wine label. The two acres of the Cormòns Vigna del mondo grows more than 500 grape...


Vivacchus is a very elegant wine bar, owned by a small but powerful woman. Masaki Ayako is an AIS sommelier with a 360-degree visceral passion for wine. She recently published a book for novices in the wine world, explaining how...

Events. Ferrari Trento and Gambero Rosso bring The Italian Art of Living to London

Three vintages of Giulio Ferrari opened the event The Italian Art of Living, hosted last Monday in London, on the banks of the Thames. Here some of the pictures of the event. 

Top Italian Restaurants in Düsseldorf

City of trade fairs and fashion, Dusseldorf houses an increasing number of Italian restaurants, on the strength of an Italian community of 7thousand and a growing number of Italian cuisine and tradition lovers. There’s room for improvement in regard to...

Giovanni Passerini, the Italian chef who bewitched Paris

Contemporary Italian cucina: straightforward, inspired, elegant. A cuisine of research and method, an experience that’s worth the trip. The Italian chef Giovanni Passerini is a perfect example of great modern Italian cuisine.

Tannico. The discovery of online wine

Wine e-commerce is developing more and more every year. Tannico is one of the top Italian online wine platforms, created at the end of 2012 by Marco Magnocavallo. We asked him how this sector is growing in Italy.

Cucina italiana surges around the world

Cucina italiana is living a golden moment everywhere, with a multitude of top quality places that visibly shifted gear. In our new guida, Top Italian Restaurants in the World, we want to gather all the best restaurants worldwide that serve...

Vertical Tastings. Braide Alte: the native blend with global appeal

If there’s one wine that totally represents its territory, it’s Braide Alte. A blend from white blend country and composed of indigenous varieties, it nevertheless has an international spirit.

Valpolicella Preview. Amarone. 2012, vintage light

A changeable and unstable wheather can highly determine the final taste of a wine. Our experts have tasted and examined 10 different Amarone from the same year and the results show a sgnificant difference between upper and lower slopes vineyards.
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