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Italian women are the protagonists of virtuous farming and favour ecological transition

One in three agriculture enterprises in Italy are female-led. Moreover, in the multifunctional farming segment, which favours sustainable practices and social inclusion, the percentage of women at the helm is 39%. Yet female entrepreneurship continues to face many obstacles.

Oct. 28 2020

Fabbrica del Grano opens in Milan. Sicilian grains milled in the open mill for the onsite shop and kitchen

The project took shape between Sicily and Milan. The native grains hail from the Agrigento area that are then milled in the Corso Garibaldi laboratory equipped with a small mill and dies for extruding pasta. The products can be purchased ...Leggi altro

Oct. 27 2020

The Italian market says, “Organic,” but politics still lags behind

The pandemic created consumer loyalty with concepts of health and respect for the environment, food and organic item purchases are on the rise. Vineyard areas and wineries are increasing. Meanwhile, sector legislation is slow at the Senate, but something is ...Leggi altro

Oct. 26 2020 in Venice, new idea for a university canteen opens in the city

Within the residence for students managed by Camplus near Ca' Foscari, there's, a space created with the intent of providing a useful service to citizens beyond the student body: a restaurant with co-working options that serves quality meals, in ...Leggi altro

Oct. 25 2020

Sparkling rosé. The new Italian wine bet on pink bubbles

Italian production amounts to 49 million bottles, but the debut of Prosecco rosato is destined to grow in world consumptions shortly. The Acqui Consortium launches the idea of a sector observatory, and UIV traces possible market compartments.

Oct. 23 2020

Mandala Poké in Rome boasts the signature of the Regolanti brothers, of restaurant Romolo al Porto

The Regolanti family is an institution as far as seafood dining on the Lazio coast, with the cuisine of Romolo al Porto in Anzio. Now the latest challenge leads to the world of poké, an a definitely different context, but ...Leggi altro

Oct. 22 2020

From Radio Alice to Berberé. The Aloe brothers invest in London and in the enhancement of the brand

Ten years after the first opening, the Berberé brand is strengthening in the current moment of difficulty posed by the health emergency in regards to the dining sector. So the Clapham branch in London becomes 100% property of the Aloe ...Leggi altro

Oct. 20 2020

In Todi there’s the oldest agricultural school in Italy, and it’s a model of modernity

Drones, vineyards, social farm, wine cellar, cheese making facility: the Ciuffelli Agrarian Institute in Todi is the oldest in Italy. An exemplary project, and now a book illustrates it.

Oct. 19 2020

Europe closes bars and restaurants, a prelude to the lockdown. Curfew in France from 9 pm to 6 am

The health crisis in Europe with a new wave of infections is increasingly complicated. All countries are running for cover, penalizing restaurant and leisure activities almost everywhere. And in France Macron announces a curfew.

Oct. 18 2020

Testa, story of a family of Sicilian fishermen and their partnership with Ciccio Sultano

A story of two hundred years of bluefin tuna fishing, the Testa family today go even further with a line of canned fish in partnership with Ciccio Sultano.

Oct. 17 2020
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