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Monte Zovo - Famiglia Cottini


The Cottini family winery was founded about a century ago, but it was only with the arrival of Diego in the final decades of the last century that the producer took on its current identity. Their large and efficient cellar (designed to limit its environmental impact) is located in Caprino Veronese, while their sizeable set of vineyards unfolds mainly around the cellar and in Valpolicella (high-elevation plots are preferred). There are also forays into Lugana, where the vineyards stretch out at the foot of Torre di San Martino. The Lugana Le Civaie '20 stands out for the fragrance of its fruity aromas, which are further developed on a crisp, dynamic palate. The head of the class, however, is still the Amarone, with a 2017 that expresses an aromatic suite of great freshness and integrity. Notes of wild fruit and undergrowth are accompanied by a pronounced, refreshing presence of medicinal herbs. In the mouth it reveals a lean body and supple, juicy palate.

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