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Great drinking at a stone's throw from the Termini train station, in one of Rome's most representative places for the history of wine. The place has been in business for over a century, and its double role of retail and wine bar was conceived and carried out by the Trimani family, still today firmly at the helm of this temple. There is no need to be an expert taster to grasp the depth, the expertise, the experience that the selection in the cellar exudes: this place has always been focussed on promoting good drinking culture within anyone's reach. Years of research, passion, journeys to discover wineries and producers, are at the basis of an assortment that has few equals in terms of variety, personality and depth, and which is clearly evident both in the winelist and at the table (on the by the glass offer, for example, categories include "sparkling", "crystalline", "coloured" and "sugary"). All with very honest markups! The team in the dining room is skilled and empathetic, and the menu is synthetic, relies on market availability and season, speaking with a Roman accent. Diners can spoil themselves with oysters and smoked fish, or with cured meats and cheeses (among which Italian, French and hailing from the rest of the world). To complete the scene are aperitifs that can easily stretch into lunches or dinners with true Roman accents.


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