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The restaurant that has made the greatest progress according to our guide in the last year. Located in a less frequented part of Copenhagen, the place is small and cozy, with a counter at the entrance and wooden tables. Don’t expect classic Italian dishes, here there is mostly innovation and targeted fusion. At the base there’s manic search for quality ingredients, mostly organic, and the creative talent of the Roman chef Valerio Serino. The dishes that most impressed us certainly were the spaghetti with butter, anchovies and boreal mullet roe, and the caramelized onion-stuffed buttons. Perfect bread. In the dining room the chef’s life partner Lucia has put on a very refined and original wine list of Italian wines in the choices of small niche producers, especially from Lazio. The level of cuisine, recommended for everyone, starting with Italians, who are always more skeptical when dealing with Italian restaurants abroad. Emerging Restaurant Top Italian Restaurants 2020.

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