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 د.إ 400


Elegant, sustainable, pretty essential. That's the spirit of the Heinz Beck Dubai venue. Some of the dishes are those found on the Pergola menu in Rome, including the Beck restaurant’s most renowned dessert, the raspberry 1.1, or the classic fagottelli carbonara together with others devised especially for the Dubai restaurant. Resident chef Francesco Acquaviva, from Rome, offers an extensive menu, with a focus on appetizers like Panzanella 2.0 or Perfume of Sicily: cous cous with prawns in tempura. We enojoyed the rich seafood risotto over the lobster spaghetti; then, the delicate sea bass with celery and capers sauce. All made with ingredients and techniques that have made Beck one of the top figures in the current dining scene. The selection of Italian wines, could use a little bit of improvement.


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