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Massimiliano Prete continues his philosophy and his passion for leaveningn, with great attention to flours and any other ingredient, for a light and digestible result. You can choose from various dough mixtures, such as the classic, the Fa Croc version, the crisp one, the soft Pizz’otto, alla pala and the spontaneous fermentation one. The combination with the intriguing toppings always works, as in the case of the Evolutiva or among the crisp versions Il Calamaro, topped with potato cream, seared squid, fresh artichokes and burrata from Gioia del Colle. Beautiful wine list, divided by type like you would with pizzas pizzas (for example, there are soft and crunchy ones), and desserts that revisit the classics well.

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domenica a pranzo e martedì
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  • Csi, MCard, Visa, Diners, POS
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  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor tables
  • Services for disabilities
  • Pets welcome
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