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Pietro Russano is the soul of Retrò. One of those eateries that cheer your heart and spirit. A relaxed yet lively atmosphere, starting with the violet that welcomes you at the entrance; simple, too, but with a huge selection of products that pop up all over the place, creating a cheerful muddle. Natural Italian and French wines, cheese, charcuterie, pasta. To buy and take away or eat here, attracted by that perfume of good things which even drifts out onto the street. Then there are flatbreads from Apulia stuffed with great products, conserves, vegetables from the market, sausages. Ultra-simple, ultra-good, like the breads and flatbreads made on the premises, home-made pasta, charcuterie and Italian cooking. And we do love the philosophy and the research behind the wine and food selection. It’s the perfect place to get to know bio and biodynamic producers as well as many less know native grape varieties such as piedmontese carica l’asino and so on.

Closing days:
Sunday and Monday
  • Carta Si, Diners, Visa, MasterCard, Bancomat
  • Outdoor tables
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