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Always a pleasure dining at Ratanà. This small villa hidden by the modern Milanese skyline is a special place. Well managed both in the dining room and in the kitchen, with the appearance and substance of a contemporary tavern. In the choices, in the recipes and above all in its identity, which instead is too often lacking in many other young restaurants. Seated at the Ratanà you are perfectly immersed in the Milan spirit, its flavours, farmhouses and contaminations from all over Italy. Appetizers is "mondeghili" (fried entrails) and a drink made with vermouth and rosemary. Starters can includes the intense testina in cassetta (head terrine with roasted blood orange purée, mangetout peas and nigella sativa). The typical risotto with ossobuco and the vitello tonnato are both excellent. Bold desserts, with perfect flavour combinations. Mature wine cellar, with many interesting choices; service is precise. There’s a 50 euro tasting menu and a fun lunch option served in the "schisceta" lunchbox.


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